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Smart Shopper

Top 4 Considerations when choosing the right floor for you:


The main thing to consider for the function of your room or area is durability and how the floor will be used. For example, some floors are better suited for colder rooms to make an area feel warmer or you could have a room with a higher moisture content so a suitable floor that stands up to moisture would be needed. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right flooring for you but in the end, you can feel confident in our trained sales consultants that they will help guide you in this regard.


Of course there are many items to consider when formulating a proper budget. To completely understand your costs, you must factor in the product cost, under pad, installation, old floor removal and disposal, moldings, floor preparation and leveling, etc. Always keep in mind that not all flooring is created equally. Be cautious and understand that price level is a strong indication of a floors quality and durability. “You get what you pay for.” Every job is unique so trust Cambridge Floors to give you the best quality floor and installation to satisfy your budget and needs.


The main thing to consider at this point is what style you like.

Do you like rustic or modern designs? What feel and style do you want to achieve: clean and modern? Warm and cozy? You can compliment your current space keeping in mind the décor items in the room like window treatments, furniture, paint colors, mouldings, fabrics, etc. to help you choose the look you are after. Or you can do a complete re-design of your space. If you are having difficulties creating the look and feel of your space, ask Cambridge Floors to get you in contact with one of our certified designers who are the best in their field.

The X Factor:

The process of choosing that right floor for you can be a very enjoyable experience. We are a true full service company. We have a huge range of products to choose from with great prices and great customer service. We hear time and time again, “Cambridge Floors is different”. “What great service”. “Thank you so much for all your help”. At Cambridge Floors we value our clients. We understand that customers are smart and savvy and they recognize that relationships should be based on trust and that good business is based on integrity. Please come to Cambridge Floors and feel the difference.

The Janka Hardness Test Explained

If you are choosing a solid or engineered hardwood you may or may not have heard about the Janka Hardness scale. The Janka Hardness Scale measures woods ability to resist pressure placed on its surface. The better the resistance of the floor, the less denting will occur.

Our goal here is to take the confusion out of this area to better educate you on what it means to have woods with varying hardness ratings and how it is so often confused with durability.

Durability as defined by Webster’s dictionary is: able to exist for a long time without significant deterioration.

View the Janka Hardness Test Here

“To make a dream home a reality, the smart shopper of today knows where to look and how to choose in order to make their money go far.”

We want to help you be an even smarter shopper than you already are. Learn more about your best deals and options to help you get the most for your money, time and building needs.